DAILY DEVOTION- Dont Rock The Boat


DAILY DEVOTION- Dont Rock The Boat

6/29/23 Don’t Rock the Boat 

Yoga Sutra 4.14

parinamai katvad vastu tattvam

The essential quality of any object consists in the uniqueness of proportions of the three gunas.

There is unity in the constantly changing diversity, as all nature is made of the same substratum.  There is variation based on the proportion of each gunas manifested or subtle.  

I am fascinated by contemporary, the idea that we are all creating from the same over and over the infinite variation of the same story or nature of things.  We as artists can see that subtle unmanifested and bring it to the manifested state by seeing into the future or the past and bringing a new variation to the forefront. 

I had a dream about being in a small boat in an ocean and surfing the waves successfully.  Thinking I need a larger boat next time.  🙂  Everything I have read about dream interpretation tends to say this is a good sign of the events to unfold.


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