3/5/23 Maya is my Guru name

Morgans Tarot  


The world is illusion, or maya, in that it is always changing, for example, from infancy to old age, as shown on the card. Both the Field and the Lord are objects of illusion. Maya is like a dream — there is always the possibility of awakening.

Meanwhile, the monkey speaks. “This is the Astral Computer Center. We describe in symbols the nature of events as they are perceived. The symbols are then cross-checked with various archetypal systems such as astrology.

“The resulting correspondences indicate certain points at which the past and the present coincide and simultaneously manifest forms for creation. There is no possibility of error because we create arbitrarily. Thus we are free to make any connections.”This card might mean things are not what they appear to be.

Yoga Sutra 2.1 

Tapah svadhyaye svara pranidhanani kriya yogah 

Self discipline, study and recitation of the sacred texts and absorption in the true inner Self,constitutes the essentials of Yoga in action.

Tapas – self discipline and is often thought of as a burning or to generate heat or energy burning off Sankaras and purifying the body and mind. The second observance (niyama) of Kriya Yoga is swadhyaya: study and recitation of sacred texts including the mantra japa.  The third is pranidhana- absorption of the inner self creating conscious awareness.

I defined Maya in Sutra 1.21- its the veil of illusion we fall under like a deep slumber.  Notice death and birth are just illusions according to the card.

I took my induction into Kriya Yoga in July of 2022 this is one of the oldest forms of Yoga and a long history with Gurus you may recognize.  Today I witnessed the  Transmission Ceremony at the Floria Community of Mindfulness.  Fred gave transmissions through Plum village lineage of his teacher,Thich Nhat Hanh.  I enjoy sitting with people who are committed to a lifetime of understanding themselves and the world around them to bring peace to themselves so they can relay peace to others.

  You cant give what you don’t have. I often forget that I get crabby and low energy and drained and I need to stop and not take anymore extra energy in.  Just be and learn to see it in myself and say it in kind and firm ways.  I love my community and I am happy people feel good to be here and in this space I call home.  I just need to set boundaries for myself and excuse myself from the crowd in loving ways. Hopefully I will be calmer and more steadied by these next 2 months of practice. We shall see. 


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