2/28/23 Its all relatives 

Yoga Sutra 1.48

Rtambhara tatra prajna

The undistracted awareness of the nirvichara samadhi is filled with truth.

We learn externally from our senses and from the teachings of others.  When we sit in ourselves we become transcendent and experience direct knowledge.  This is kin to knowing from intuition.  We are synthesizing and perceiving from an awareness level that is subtler than the 5 gross senses but infinite and tapped into the universal consciousness .  The transcended truth is referred to by many names in Sanskrit.  Ritambhara prajna, nirvikalpa pratyaksha, and nirvichara samadhi.  Prajna- Direct Insight Samadhi-a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation.

I am feeling the leaks and I know where they are coming from. My mind giving to much time and attention to other peoples problems in my personal life and business.  When I am having anxiety and trying to problem solve the messes they have made for themselves worried about how they are going to keep going on with their lives in disarray.  I stop and ask myself which one of these things i am obsessing over is “my problem?” 

Not one usually,  I am ignoring the chaos in my space and turning my attention outward to theirs.  This helps bring me back to myself.  The next question, “ What can I do now?” This is whatever project I am working on with obsessive-thought I am having about MY problem. Then I write down the solutions in my planner and schedule them out.  I then start to implement them daily.  I am often sidetracked in my day but I can always to back and move my tasks forward until they are completed.  Often just writing down the solution stops the mental clutter.  If I keep a repetitive thought ( draining my energy).

 Ex….remember you have to get up at 555 to meditate in the morning.  I check my alarm to make sure it on.  Then I gently tell and show the obsessive mind and talk to it.  I set the alarm. You see it you all ways get up when you hear it.  Thank you for reminding me I realize its importance I have made sure I am remembering the task. You can stop repeating the idea you did your job.

This often alleviates the problem for awhile.  I often get stuck in these anxiety loops I think its part of my ADHD and my conditioning , I have spend the better part of my life learning to work around my speeding mind.  Yes it can be a super power as I can hyper focus on a task for hours but the other side of the coin is this tension that is ever present in the mind and body and it wears me out. Mediation and Yoga as a daily practice are what I have found to keep my mind clam and my body relaxed as we let spirit guide us down the path of life.  Direct knowledge feels different,it’s confident on how and what need to be done and in my indecisiveness that is part of my mind it is a relief to feel confident in a decision.  My mind that has anxiety and worries appreciated that there is a high part of self that knows what we should do now. The worried mind often asks are you sure?  The deeper understanding always says YES and I believe her.  

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