As Above So Below



Tension, when not resisted, can be changed into positivity. A higher state can be attained by mixing different and even opposing energies. Yin and yang or positive and negative energies can always be mingled, as they are universally present.”

Yoga Sutra 1.36

Visoka va jyotismati

Or by concentrating on the supreme, ever blissful light within This is an outcome of the concentrated focus. We manifest a sensory phenomena aiming that we are progressing on the path. Think of it as a guide post. This is not the final destination but a means to mastery.

Tension is in our daily lives. I feel it from the moment i wake up till I go to sleep. Some say tension is misplaced energy. A certain amount of tension is needed in our lives to keep things in place and running smoothly. Think of the timing belt in a car. If the tension is not right it causes the car to stop functioning. With the right amount of tension realizing in our body that each sense perception through out the day leads to aversion or attachment. I like or don’t like whatever is in the material world so I resist or move toward staying in the state of the moment. This is were anicca is needed. Anicca is the concept that nothing stays the same and everything is always changing. This concept is also known as impermanence. Buddhists must accept that nothing can stay how it is – everything must move on or change. When we surrender to this concept the high states can be attained because a equal amount of tension will be present when we accept these different even opposing energies are needed for growth and to help move us along the spiritual path. Keep working on daily concentration and feel the bliss within. This to shall pass do not crave for more be happy in its presence knowing it will all change but you have a sign that your moving in the right direction.

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