3/1/23 Life’s Movie 

There are no absolute truths to cling to. No matter how certain of yourself you are, time brings change through experience. As far as there being an “ultimate reality” behind appearances, even the concept of mind itself is incorrect in that it implies a reality or form beyond the nature of what is.All form is ultimately arbitrary and can be pushed in any direction or manner we choose, provided we are aware enough to make a choice. The source of divine inspiration is not the intellect. In fact, there is no source, but investigation brings us closer to true vision.

 Yoga Sutra 1.49 

Sruta numana prajna bhyam anya visaya visesa rthatvat 

Truth of direct knowing is different from deductive reasoning or inference

This sutra lets us know these common experiences that people often can use is still not the direct knowing that comes from a deep state of inner self that meditation helps us to see as we are ware and calm in ourselves,  We will not be analyzing the experience or jumping to a conclusion I based on the sensory experience. This transcends these worldly thought processes.

This card is an echo of the sutra.  Divine inspiration is not the intellect,  Divine Inspiration is often seen in art or heard in music this is the product of being part of the source.  Looking for the self is a lifetime process.  Asking yourself over and over who an I ?  Where is this I ?  Being the witness of the mind that chatters all day long we become detached and watch life’s movie.  Staying in the energy and not allowing ourselves to be came overly engages with the world.  Closing ourselves off by closing our hearts stops the flow of energy but being in love with life and allowing ourselves to lead with an open heart allows us to navigate the world with out the constant disturbance and drain of energy the wild mind uses to keep active.

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