3/2/23 Getting By

Morgans Tarot

You might as well feel good now. However, if you are unable, don’t worry about it.Our feelings are usually related to our thoughts concerning the future, the past, or our perception of how others feel in relation to us. Plots for the future are valid, but awareness of the present moment clears away spiritual obstacles.All this has little to do with the Japanese wind-bell sounding outside my window

Yoga Sutra 1.50 

Taijah samskaro nya samkara pratibahdhi 

The impression of this samadhi will come to predominate over samaskaras of distraction.  

When the mind starts to obtain stillness mantra japas and other forms in the meditation practice are no longer needed and the mind is being trained to become quiet transcendent wisdom falls away leaving only pure consciousness itself,  this is life and spirit in its preset form.

Questioning myself over and over in my day helps to recognize the thoughts that lead to feelings and the felling tones in the body and mind.  I can be an over server and it helps to see it as it is and not react toward or against it.  Just a equal acknowledgement and seeing if the thoughts are in the past causing sorrow the future causing anxiety but bringing myself back into the present moment.  I often ask myself why dont i like to be in the present moment and paying attention to what is happening now ?  Why does it want to go into imagination ?  What’s wrong with being here now?  I often do this at the start to a mediation.  Listening deeply smelling fully becoming aware of the energy around me in the space and the way it feels to be in the body.  I follow my breath and when I become more settled I scan my body. I often get thoughts arise ing and start to follow them.  Then I catch myself following a train of thoughts and come back to breathe come back to body come back to awareness and the spaciousness inside.  This simple practice grounds me and i use it frequently in my days doing tasks.  Taking mediation off the mat is how I do my best work.

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