7/14/23  A Long Sleep

Yoga Sutra 4.31

tada sarva varana malapetasya jnanasya nantyaj jneyam alpam

Then all the veils and impurities of infinite conscious intelligence are totally removed.  Whatever remains to be known is insignificant

the impurities here are the gunas and malas.  There are three malas that bind the individual soul to transmigration.  anva-mala, karma-mala, and mayday-mala.

Anva is  forgetfulness.  We keep forgetting we are a divine presence of pure consciousness. Anva is the root mala and the last to be dissolved.  Mayiya is the sense of differentiation.  We experience this in the thought that I am this body and my SELF is different than the small self.  Karma empowers the imperial person to create karma due to being in Mayiya in bondage.  Buddhisattva, the tuna of unlimited knowledge isn’t he power within the ekagrata- samadhi to fully realize a knowable. but the power is reduced and scattered by Raja and and rama’s the gunas of restlessness and inertia. Once the veil is lifted we do not care for common knowledge. The light of freedom Kaivalya reigns supreme.

Yoga Sutra 4.32

tatar krtarthanam parinama krama samoa-tired gunanam

Then the gunas terminate their sequences of transformation because they have fulfilled their purpose.

All Prakriti is subject to the m=natural causal law of the gunas.  When the self becomes unchanging in (dharmamega- samadhi) The purposes of the gunas is finished and fade away  When the yogi has reached a state of liberation the mind comes into balance with buddhisattva.  In stillness and balance the mind goes into latency leaving only concours awareness.

Yoga Sutra 4.33

ksana pratiyogi parinama paranta parinama paranta nirgrahyah kramah

The sequence referred to previously is an uninterrupted succession of moments.  Change is recognized at the end of the sequence. 

A principle is eternal when its essence it not destroyed even during change.  Gunas are forever changing but in balance giving the illusion of time and sequences in Prakriti this is its nature.  In Purusha it eternal nature is unchanging a state of eternal present.  Once established in Purusha the false notion of time past and future comes to an end.

Yoga Sutra 4.34

purusartha sunyanam gunanam prati prasavah kaivalyam svarupa pratistha va citisakteriti

The characteristics of the mind, having no further purpose resorb back into the true nature of pure consciousness. Thus consciousness alone exits, free of contraction, immersed in itself. 

We know the consciousness becomes the mind, contracted by objects of the appearance.  Buddhi serves Purusha as a conduit of sensory information.  But the impartial witness, is content with itself.  Buddhi fades away from lack of interest and merges back into which gave it form.  Kaivalya means to absolute transcend ones form.  It is liberated from matter and transmigration.  The finished yogi does what needs to be done without motive radiant in tenderness and selfless love.

This concludes the Yoga Sutras and this series in my Daily Devotion.

I will keep updating but it may be fragmented.  We are currently opening a yoga school and I am writing a yoga manual.  I will keep practicing my daily devotions and give you a glimpse in the the studies that a 200 hour student will have to complete as I compile material for the manual and the course requirements set by Yoga Alliance.  Thank you all who have been reading and look forward to your comments as we open the studio space and our daily Dharma.