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DAILY DEVOTION- Thursdays 13th

7/12/23 Thursdays 13th

Yoga Sutra 4.27

tachchhidresu pratyaya antarani samskarebhyah

When there are breaks or breaches in that high discrimination, other impressions arise from the deep unconscious.

The previous sutras (4.25-4.26) spoke of the higher discriminations. There can even be breaks in those high states, wherein many deep impressions arise from the basement of the unconscious, just as was the case prior to this high level of discriminative attainment. In other words, the clarity of discrimination can once again be clouded over. This temporary loss of the ground attained is one of the predictable obstacles of the path of enlightenment (1.30). The way to deal with this is the same as it was before the discriminative enlightenment.

Yoga Sutra 4.28

hanam esam kleshavat uktam

The removal of those interfering thought patterns is by the same means by which the original colorings were removed.

To realize that this is how the process works is very beneficial for the student of meditation. It means that you can clearly understand that you first want to attain the direct experience of the highest, fully recognizing that there remains a purifying process to be done afterward. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the highest direct experience first requires the absolute perfection of personality, and this is definitely not the case. It is a natural part of the process, that the higher experience is broken. If you know that, you can move on to deal with those breaches.

Yoga Sutra 4.29

prasankhyane api akusidasya sarvatha viveka khyateh dharma-meghah samadhih

When there is no longer any interest even in omniscience, that discrimination allows the samadhi, which brings an abundance of virtues like a rain cloud brings rain.

There finally comes a point where discrimination has so thoroughly set aside all which is not Self that even the interest in omniscience is seen as only relatively real and not worthy of pursuit. From that non-attachment to omniscience there comes the samadhi that brings an abundance of virtues like a rain cloud brings rain. The Self may have been glimpsed before, but the colorings of the deep impressions were still there. Now even those have been transcended.


Yoga Sutra 4.30 

tatah klesha karma nivrittih

After that dharma-meghah samadhi, the colorings of the kleshas and the karmas are removed.

  • tatah = thereafter
  • klesha = colored, painful, afflicted, impure
  • karma = actions stemming from the deep impressions of samskaras
  • nivrittih = cease, discontinue, remove

Burning the seeds of karma: This is the final dealing with the colorings (kleshas). First, the mind was stabilized (1.33-1.39). Then these colorings were reduced in their gross form (2.1-2.9), then they were dealt with in their subtle forms (2.10-2.112.12-2.25). These kleshas (colorings) moved through four stages (2.4) of active, separated, attenuated, and then were reduced to seed form. Now, those seeds are parched, so as to not be able to grow again.

Resting in your True nature: First, there were glimpses of Truth, which had the effect of negating the obstacles (1.50). After a great deal of sadhana (spiritual practices), there came a temporary discriminative enlightenment that was accompanied by breaches (4.27-4.28). Now, with the neutralizing of the colorings of the samskaras that cause karma, the realization is finally firm of ground. The yogi rests in the True nature of the Self (1.3).https://www.swamij.com/yoga-sutras-42930.htm

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