DAILY DEVOTION- Forgiveness Yoga

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7/3/23 Forgiveness Yoga

 Yoga Sutra 4.17

tad uparaga peksitvac cittasya vastu jnata jnatam

Things become known or unknown by the way they color the mind.  

There is a natural magnetism between mind and object of perception.  The strongest samkaras (mental impressions, recollections, or psychological imprints). The object just is and how we perceive the object through the lens of our positive or negative mental mind frame will determine if the object is good or bad. Be aware of your mental perceptions clouds on a hot sunny day are a cool welcome. 

When the last hurricane came it caused some tree damage in our garden.  The entire community came to help clear the debris.  A few weeks later we saw our garden really coming to life with the added sun.  We are growing herbs in pots and they are thriving.  We are seeing new life everywhere.  Mother Nature is swift and powerful but also loving and forgiving.  It depends on your life outlook.    


DAILY DEVOTION- Forgiveness Yoga

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