DAILY DEVOTION- Monday Maddness


DAILY DEVOTION- Monday Maddness

7/10/23 Monday Madness

Yoga Sutra 4.23

drastr dryoparaktam cittam sarvartham

The mind is colored by both the seer and the thing seen, knows all

Buddhi ( intellect, purified of activity and inertia, is sentient; thus perceives sensory and mental impressions.  Buddhistavva presents these experiences to Purusha , the sister as knowable objects of awareness.  Buddhi knows not only the impressions but knows about Purusha through Samadhi.  The mind can be colored by pure awareness the same way that it is affected by sensory perception.  In this way the mind presents purusha to itself for its own enlightenment.  

Shifting bias in the mind toward the self brings liberation from contraction and superimposition of common awareness.  Persistence in this state is known as Kaivalya.  

Yoga Sutra 4.24 

tad asamkhyeya vasanabhis cittam api paratham samhatya vasanabhis cittam api paratham samhatya karitvat

The mind though variegated by innumerabletendencies exists for another in association

The mind performs numerous sentient functions driven by vananas samkaras and kleshas; but to what end?  Is the complexity of the mind for its own benefit?  The mind acts for the benefit of the consciousness self.  The mind is not separate from the consciousness, but it is consciousness that has taken the form of physical and subtle knowledge.  The mind thus acts in concert with and in service of its eternal infinite self.  

Yoga Sutra. 4.25

visesa darsina atmabhava vinivrttih

When one sees the distinction between the mind and the self confusion ceases about the nature of the Self.  

Previous to spiritual awakening we commonly identify with the body, the mind and our personal history.  Through Sadhana and right understanding we see that the pure consciousness is the in dweller and the knower of the mind and body.  We have answered the question “ Who am I”  We know our true nature through the state of samadhi.   There are no more questions and the mind merges into the from which it has emerged.   

Yoga Sutra 4.26

tada viviekanimnam kaivalya pragbharam cittam

Then the mind – inclined toward discriminative knowledge gravitates toward the state of liberation

There comes a point were the more we think about it only keeps us from it and knowing about it is not it.  We must be aware of just being. In the state of being marvelous things happen.  

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