3/8/23 Its all a mess I guess

Morgans Tarot  


You may feel that you are being manipulated by a higher, more clever intelligence. In reality, nobody is doing anything to anybody. We’re all here together, although the rational conscious may not realize it.

Yoga Sutra 2.4 

Avidya ksetram uttaresam prasupta tanu vicchinno daranam 

Avidya (not knowing the Self) is the origin of the other obstacles whether they are dormant, weakened ,interrupted or sustained.   

Vidya= knowledge, meditation, or wisdom in Sanskrit but to have A before means the opposite so absence of wisdom is the root of all the obstacles. (Kleshas)

Pantajali os simply saying that knowing oneself is the key to removing kleshas. It doesn;t matter where you are on the path with your obstacles be they dormant, weak, interrupted because of a meditation yoga practice they are still there just as the person who does not know themselves at all has sustained Samskara- suffering. We start to elevate but slip back into Avidya.

The tarot echos how we often feel.  Like a said yesterday “The universe is always conspiring in my favor,” I am not a play thing to the universe but an active co- creator in charge of my own internal and external life.I am a part of the universe and it is part of me. I am a bioengineered form of energy here to sense and explore.  🙂 


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