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Morgan’s Tarot  

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So why bother? The ego can prevent the grace of the cosmos from directing your life.

You may meet obstacles that will prevent fulfillment of your wishes.

Yoga Sutra 2.10 

te pratiprasava heeyah sukkah 

The subtle kleshas (obstacles to happiness) are destroyed by the cessation of the mind.  

Let’s review the 5 kleshas 

  1. Ignorance and misunderstanding (avidlya)
  2. Egotism (ahamkara)
  3. Attachment (raga)
  4. Aversion,antipathy (dvesha)
  5. Fear, dread of death (abinavesha)

I have a picture of the different kinds posted here also.

Once we experience the silent witness we can start to see these obstacles and they become destroyed when we no longer give them any energy.  When the mind becomes serene and content the kleshas just start to disappear because we no longer give them any attention and question their validity.  Its your story tell it any way you want.  How do you want to tell your story?


Morgans Tarot 



An intricate, geometrical color realm lays way beyond the highest mountain, far to the southeast. It is a space of wonder and awe, where the gods and goddesses reveal their presence. Generally, mushrooms are considered a mystical food, and so the appearance of this card in a reading could be a greeting from higher realms.

Often the mushroom refers to the goddess, the spirit of the forest, the little people, and other such creatures. The mushroom may also represent a phallic symbol and a source of power.

Yoga Sutra 2.11

dhynana heyas tad vrttayah

Fully developed kleshas can be overcome by meditation

In meditation we learn to discriminate between the consciousness and the thought.  When we do meditations the deep seated kleshas will soften or slowly disappear as you see the true self.

Mushrooms are one of my favorite things.  They are mystical magical and delicious.  I just chopped up a carton for my supper.  I feel calm blessed and i flow.  It’s such a good feeling to get these two cards today.  It is all just the way it is.  Having a mystical magical St. Pats day.  I may see a garden fairy or a Leprechaun today.  I saw a leprechaun pan handling on Nebraska Ave a couple of months ago.  I wonder who stole his Gold?  When you look close enough you will see things are not what they appear but what you see them as

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