3/27/23 Eternally Yours 

Morgans Tarot 

pastedGraphic.png ETERNAL BLISS

Bliss is dynamic fulfillment throughout all change.

Although eternal bliss may not be the final goal, it is a good start.

Yoga Sutra 2.17

drastr dryayoh samyago heya hetuh

The cause of avoidable suffering is the illusion that the seer is the same as the seen.  

The purpose of suffering is to create the longing for peace.  The mind seeks stillness and a sense of calm that only comes when the Self is known.  When we keep up the illusion that we are the body and the mind we will forever be entangled.  It is a case of mistaken identify, we are jailing and causing suffering in ourselves. 

Free ourselves from the the prison sentence by realizing that we are not the object but the seeker.  Daily practice is necessary  because of out maya – veil of illusion we sleep and forget our true nature. 

We must sit and remind ourselves over and over that this world is a creation of our manifestation in the universe.  We are but a part of the whole.  

Coming into Bliss is the way not the goal but it happens over and over when you follow the path.  

I have been in Illinois with friends and family following my now and allowing the universe to unfold in front of me.  All I can do is stay in awareness of this process.

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