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At Beach House of Zen we are here in support and celebration of life’s tenderest moments. Enjoying life by spreading peace, love and harmony to all. We host services on the Last Sunday of the Month on the River. Contact us for more information on how to become a part of our growing community of compassionate creators.

Luisella “LuLu” Becker Wayfinder

Life Coach

Luisella or “Lulu” is a Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach as well as a former teacher, environmental scientist and current real estate agent and investor. She teaches wellness classes and provides individual and small group coaching (in both English and Spanish) with the goal of helping each person connect to their own inner knowing, that little voice inside each of us that already knows exactly what we want and how to connect with our own version of peace and freedom. Her mantra? You deserve a life that feels good.
You might find her walking or biking at a park, paddling on the bay, at a local art or science museum, reading historical fiction at home or with her partner and kids on nature and cultural adventures.
If you see her in the wild, please say “Hello! or “!Hola!”

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