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Church of Love Rehearsal

August 28

The Monday Church of Love rehearsal at the Beach House of Zen includes a 30-minute guided meditation, a choir practice at 4:30, a short talk/sermon by Reverend Juanja, more songs, a children’s choir led by Jaylee and Irie, and crafts and games for the children during practice.


We hope to see you at Monday Church of Love rehearsal at the Beach House of Zen! Here’s a summary of the activities:

1. 30-Minute Guided Meditation:
Angela will lead a 30-minute guided meditation session. This will provide an opportunity for attendees to relax, center themselves, and cultivate a sense of mindfulness and peace.

2. 4:30 Choir Practice:
After the guided meditation, the choir members will gather for a practice session. They will rehearse the songs that will be performed during the church service.

3. Short Talk/Sermon by Reverend Juanja:
Reverend Juanja will deliver a brief talk or sermon, sharing spiritual insights and messages of love, compassion, and understanding.

4. More Songs:
Following the talk/sermon, there will be additional singing. The congregation will join together in uplifting and inspiring songs.

5. Children’s Choir:
Jaylee and Irie will lead a short children’s choir. They will guide the children in singing songs that are suitable for their age group.

6. Crafts and Games:
While the adults continue with their practice, there will be a designated time for the children to engage in crafts and games. This will provide them with a fun and interactive experience that aligns with the Church of Love’s values.

Overall, this rehearsal offers a combination of spiritual reflection, musical practice, engaging activities for children, and a sense of community. It sounds like a beautiful and enriching event for everyone involved.


August 28


Beach House of Zen
7820 N 13th St
Tampa, 33604 United States
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813 421 1703